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Welcome to XO Network!

XO Network is an innovative, private, trusted network of entrepreneurs who have moved on from participation in traditional entrepreneurial organizations, yet are still pursuing the entrepreneurial journey in their own unique manner and appreciate the value of continuing to be engaged with like-minded peers.


The XO Network app provides registered XO members with:


  • A virtual resource to help grow their network locally and globally while providing elite access to unique personal and professional life experiences throughout the entrepreneurial journey

  • A social connection to trusted, like-minded entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world

  • A closed-network technology platform that fosters private experience sharing among individual members and member groups



XO Network’s mobile app is your hub to keep you connected to the XO community and to privately engage with other members locally and globally.   Our proprietary system utilizes the information within members’ profiles to recommend others to connect with that may share the same interests and needs during their entrepreneurial journey.  The XO app also features chat rooms and individual messaging to help keep you in touch with others.

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Whether browsing thoughtful content in the Library or working through your uniquely curated entrepreneurial journey with our resource partners, you will be surrounded by, and have access to, the knowledge of top entrepreneurs. After all, the most successful people learn from the successes of others.



Members can post on global and local activity feeds no matter where they are located. You have the opportunity to not only share knowledge, but experiences, connecting with other members through the app. Have a need?  Have a lead?  Share these opportunities with others who can immediately assist.



Connect with other members whether you are in the same region or in different locations through XO Network’s exclusive Directory and Elite Access features.  The next time you are planning a trip and want to meet up with other entrepreneurs in your destination city, find the best restaurant, obtain tickets to a special event, or seek access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, check with your fellow XO Network Members.