Build Your Brand with Hundreds of Thousands of Impressions Per Year

XO Network Resource Partners will have their brands represented in print materials, digital platforms and at monthly network events.  

In one chapter alone our marketing reaches over 7,000 executives.


An example of this in practice (using a $3,500 annual fee):

7,000 executives x 6 emails = 42,000 x 12 events = 504,000 impressions      

Those 504,000 impressions divided by $3,500 = $0.007 or 7/10 of

one cent

Resource Partners are organizations that seek to offer products or services to Members, and actively participate in select Forum activities:

  • Resource Partners are eligible to be invited to moderate monthly Forum meetings.

  • Invited to attend quarterly Networking/ Membership recruitment events, provided they are accompanied by a prospective Member.

  • Company logo placement at monthly Forum meetings, quarterly Member Networking/ Membership Recruitment Events, Forum website, and social media channels.

  • Post articles and communicate with members on XO Network's innovative, closed network technology platform.

  • Recognized on all email communications with members.

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Resource Partnership

Have a Featured Listing Visible on the

Website and Mobile App

Example Resource Partner Directory Listing

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Online Exposure:

Your logo, company description, contact information and a link to your website will be hosted on the XO Network website. 

Expand Your Reach: 

Resource Partners will be able to submit articles to be posted on XO Network's digital media platforms.

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Committee Involvement:

Resource Partners will be able to participate in committees and help create and implement best practice guides, assessments and surveys. 

Be Seen:

Your logo will be included in all digital communications associated with XO Network events.

Elite Access:

Access to attend exclusive Networking/Membership Recruitment Events for C-Suite professionals. Resource Partners will have options to moderate monthly Forum meetings.

Print Exposure:

Sponsors will have their logo printed for networking events, while Resource Partners will have their logo on all event printed materials.