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XO Network Virtual Conference

The Entrepreneurial Journey:

From Startup to Divestiture

February 25, 2021

Global Virtual

3:00 PM EST

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XO Network 2021

XO Network is an innovative, private, trusted network of entrepreneurs who have moved on from participation in traditional entrepreneurial organizations, yet are still pursuing the entrepreneurial journey in their own unique manner and appreciate the value of continuing to be engaged with like-minded peers.

On February 25th 2021, XO Network is offering a day to connect, share, learn, and meet, featuring presentations and interviews from world renowned entrepreneurs and thought-provoking business owners. 




Daniel Marcos

Co-Founder & CEO
Growth Institute

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, a CEO coach for over two decades, and a keynote speaker on scaling businesses. He is a member of YPO and EO, serves as the Ambassador of Singularity University in Austin, and the CEO of ExO Education in partnership with Salim Ismail.

Michael Melfi

Investable Mastermind

Michael S. Melfi, J.D., MBA, is an attorney who represents emerging companies, innovative companies and entrepreneurial businesses in a wide array of technology, intellectual property, and corporate matters.

Pascal St-Jean

STAND Advisors

Pascal St-Jean believes in helping create opportunities to help leaders unleash their true potential. He works with CEOs & entrepreneurs who recognize the value of investing in personal and professional growth, not only for their own benefit, but also for that of their employees and customers. His focus is helping entrepreneurs grow faster, easier, with less risk while keeping in mind a work/life balance.

Robert Rudy

STAND Advisors

Why A Legacy Matters: “If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion.” That’s from futurist and thought-leader Ray Kurzweil.

One of the key benefits of John Anderson's Legacy Map is training clients to think exponentially instead of linearly — perhaps for their first time ever. This paradigm shift is an essential skill in our age of blistering-fast advances in technology.

Rachel Young-Nielson

eNetwork: Space for next-level interaction,
Advanced Events

Professionally I have developed this approach to generate results with face-to-face engagements. Clients see enormous business advantages using our system to Align, Navigate and Measure results in their face-to-face engagements.

For the amazing team at Advanced Events, we are about achieving what we set out to do while laughing and enjoying the process along the way. After all, it’s the Results that Matter. 

Joe Caruso

Founder & President
Caruso Leadership

Joe Caruso is a renowned expert on the individual and collective mind. He focuses on how meaning drives behavior and creates outcomes for individuals and entire organizations. Based on a lifetime of study and work with hundreds of organizations worldwide, he is called upon by leaders to help facilitate dynamic change by uncovering the meaning > behavior > outcome process innate to every individual mind and every collective organization.


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XO Network 2021

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